At TMI our primary function is relocating freight trailers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico for all of the major manufacturers, leasing companies, carriers, and trailer dealers.  We manage the placement, loading, and movement of each trailer to its destination in a timely manner. In addition, we maintain and provide an accurate list of available equipment.

We provide these trailers at no cost to the carrier.  We expect the move to be timely and direct; we ask that the carrier provide us with traces on a regular basis while the trailers are in transit. The carrier must provide us with a certificate of insurance and may expect to work directly with the trailers' owners to resolve any damage claims that may result from the move.

Our entire staff is highly trained and thoroughly knowledgeable in today's complicated transportation environment. We stand ready to supply your needs for trailers in one-way or two-way categories or can reposition your trailers to almost any location that is accessible by road or rail.